Choosing dining room furniture should be taken with the utmost care, almost like assembling a balsa wood ship in a bottle; alright maybe the ship in a bottle is easier! Dining room furniture is essential depending on your space, how much you can afford and if you’re a design nut, Feng-Shui.

Dining room furniture will be the aesthetic that ties up your living room if you live in an apartment and if you have one of those separate dining rooms then it would be the centrepiece of a larger aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Another important factor to consider is how many people are using it and how often. Dining room furniture can also be fun in the sense that it can really describe your style and it may not necessarily need to match the room’s design but it should in any case stand out, considering it is ‘the’ most used piece of furniture there.

There are many materials to choose from for dining room furniture, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Two of the most common are wood and metal and they both play to their own strengths and design but you should also consider environment factors and sustainability. We will discuss the pros and cons below.

Wood Dining Furniture

Solid wood dining furniture is a classic material. It’s what comes to mind when you think of furniture that is strong ,sturdy and not light on the wallet but beyond all that, the type of wood for eample, Sheesham, rose, mango will vary in strength and weight, for dining room furniture, it’s best I recommend you splurge a little and go for the better quality of wood, because dining furniture is used on a regular basis and the stronger wood along with its quality will last you a long time, it will also become a timeless piece of furniture that defines your dining room.

Solid wood is typically the more expensive type of dining room furniture, especially solid wood dining tables. It's extremely durable and long lasting and comes with the benefit of being easy to repair. Remember how I said earlier that environment factors play an important role in the type of material well, wood will contract and expand along with the weather and continuous wear and tear will effect it, making it look a lot older than you want it to be, also if you have termites I recommend you make sure that doesn’t become a problem for your furniture. There's also the option for wood-look, or veneers, as an alternative to solid wood it costs less but make sure it has a strong core interior and a good finish.

Metal Dining Furniture


Metal will add a new age look to your dining room, think post industrial space age furniture, considering that metal is stronger and far more resilient to environmental damage it will last you a very long time without nicks and scratches adding a certain design aesthetic that you can’t get with wood.

Modern dining chairs and table with metal legs are an incredibly diverse range of furniture with a variety of options and frames that will really spruce up your dining room. 

Mix and Match for Your Perfect Space

You also don’t have to choose just the one, you can also mix and match and go for an unstructured jazz style to your dining room, it is your space after all and your vision should never be limited by the options of conformity, brings you great furniture from various furniture makers so that you don’t have to choose just one, you can mix and match various styles and designs to create your perfect dining room.