Furniture- What better way to fill the space of that vaguely abstract concept we call ‘home’. Starting from a simple chair to elegant sofas or lounge systems, the charm of owning a home is that you get to design it and what better way to do that than with furniture that is both sustainable and wallet friendly? Sustainable furniture is a no-brainer because not only will it save you money in the long term but it is categorically better in looks, usability and eco-friendliness.

Considering the state the world is in with severe deforestation and climate change, the important focus of our lifestyle regarding furniture should be pivoted towards conserving what we have and that means our furniture as well, and what a fine goal that would be – to have something with heritage that is doing its part in saving the world.

With architecture becoming more and more industrial and minimalistic in design, the furniture that is chosen should speak in subtler tones while compliments the overall design, but this is up for debate, what is important is that your eco-friendly furniture doesn’t have to be heavy on your wallet . Modern furniture has a whole slew of design functionalities that allow for multiple uses. Like for example, in smaller spaces, a bed can be transformed into a sofa, or a sofa can be extended to a lounge mattress.

Wooden furniture can impart a beauty and strength to the entire décor while adding a retro look to your living space. Sustainable wooden furniture as we discussed in the previous blog like Teakwood, Mahogany and Rosewood can be more cost effective in the long run. Think about it, why do you think furniture your grandparents or great grandparents owned lasted as long as it did? it was authentic wood that was well maintained. If taken care of properly, just like anything else wood can last you a really long time, apart from being bio-degradable when its lifespan is over, wood itself ages gracefully when treated and maintained well, take care to keep it away from excessively dry places and in moisture heavy areas make sure you own a dehumidifier.


Now let’s talk money, for fulfilling an immediate need of furniture you might be tempted to choose something economical and disposable, but that need not be the case. Even for single people who live alone, minimalistic furniture made of reclaimed wood, metal and plastic is an affordable investment. And if you’re planning to sell then you’re still getting a value deal, and if it’s vintage you might actually make money. Cheaper, non-environment friendly furniture can be lighter on the wallet initially but in most cases, they either fail to last as long or face functional problems that leads to discarding them. Due to the nature of the materials being used in such furniture, they damage the environment by filling up landfills.

Karpentree which is launching on the 20th of February plans to expand its repertoire into every form of sustainable material as possible, but in the meantime we do have a great quality of wooden furniture to choose from that will not only reflect your personality but will forward the great cause of sustainability.