Sustainable and bold does not mean old, worn out furniture, but seeing as how we have already talked about sustainability to death, let’s shift focus sustainability is important and everything we discuss here has the same idea built into it, but so is being bold, now bold doesn’t mean loud it just means that among other things it reflects strength and stand-outness.

Let’s take a minute to really liven up your interior and create a bold atmosphere that really speaks about you, here are four things you can do - 

Wall Decoration

Artwork is a depiction of one’s taste and what you put up on your wall will say something about you, you can either go for a direct contrast against your existing decor or you can do something to compliment your existing interiors. One way artwork can really make a statement is by using a large oversized piece of artwork, you can go the small art route but do make sure to not try and fit in too many pieces as your room will look really cluttered.

Anything can be used as wall decoration and the aesthetic effect it is has on your wall is just splendid – banjos, plates, rugs, trunks, guitars, faux taxidermy, baskets, books, anything at all!

Area Rugs

Area rugs not only have a tie up feel to your living room, but strangely enough you can actually hang your old rugs if they look presentable enough, as wall hangings (This is being creative with sustainability). Personal choice is the only choice, you can choose oriental, abstract, ikat, paisley, chevron, solid, or animal print rugs in different shapes like rectangular, oval, square, round, octagon, and so on. You can also select rugs based on techniques like tufted, shag, flat weave, hand-knotted braided, hooked, etc.   

Karpentree has an incredibly diverse range of area rugs from different manufacturers around Kerala, allowing you the option of traditional and handmade rugs that last you for a long time.


Wallpaper can create a bold impact on the accent of your wall, something similar to a painting, here’s a tip choose a wallpaper with an incredible pattern and add it to one vertical layer of your wall to create an interesting effect with the rest of your room. Wallpapers have a variety of patterns from large textures to metallic or mica effects.

Indoor Decor

Indoor wooden decor is an essential for every home, but you need not have a forest of them. Just a few scattered over an area will do the trick.

Indoor wooden decor is like icing on the cake, it really puts the finishing touches to your interiors and adds that final touch that really brings your room to life, and it also draws the attention of the guests, which can be a great conversational opener.

Karpentree has a wide variety of indoor decor ranging from pots to small wooden deer that is perfect in really bring a room together and making a statement.