FAQs for Vendors

Q. Whether packing and labeling responsibilities are on platform or us?

The packaging should be done, vendor. It is strongly recommended that you provide the individual parts in disassembly conditions together with the necessary mounting kit. The parts are sent in the form of CKD (completely demolished) to reduce the freight charged depending on the space occupied by (volume of) the item. The labeling and creation of the invoice will be carried out by a third-party courier partner.

Q. Whether a vendor or platform or any other 3rd party would deal with the logistics responsibilities?

Delivery services will be handled by a third-party courier partner in the initial stage. However, we plan to incorporate our own delivery services in the future to keep costs under control.

Q. We want to cancel the account.

A merchant can opt-out of the services provided they meet the below conditions:

  • Fulfill all pending orders placed until your products are listed on the website.
  • Any outstanding fund must be paid off
  • Any pending service requests like a return/refund must be closed
  • For products already sold, the merchant must provide the after-sales services mentioned in the warranty period in the event of a complaint.

Q. Will I get charged for listing the product?

Listing of products on Karpentree is free. We do not charge anything for listing your catalog online. You only need to pay a commission for what you sell.

Q. How can I update the stock for my products?

We request you to send an email to us. We will share your stock information with the category team and revert back.

Q. Email address for merchants


Q. How can I get customer orders?

When a customer places an order, our order management system will send you an email in your registered email id with the order details, and it will also be reflected on your merchant dashboard.

Q. How do I manage orders?

We offer a merchant dashboard on the website to operate and manage orders. You can manage your orders using the merchant dashboard.

Q. How can I send my products to customers?

We have a solid logistics network with extensive coverage that helps you send your products to your customers. Our delivery partner will collect the shipment from your warehouse.

Q. How will I get charged?

We will charge a commission fee on your sale. The commission charges will vary across the categories.

Q How and when will I get paid?

The payment will be processed within 5-7 working days from the date of the complete order delivery. The payment will be made directly to your bank account through NEFT transactions.


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