Ariana Three Seater Bench In Rubwood


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The cut tree trunks are sawed first into uniform sizes and shapes. Then the cracked and unusable parts are cut out. It's being dipped into plain water to remove the sawdust and other particles stuck onto it. Then these sawn planks are stacked inside a cylinder compactly. The cylinder is closed and air inside it is removed; it's kept vacuumed for some time. Then a chemical agent is infused into it. The cylinder is then filled with air and kept in high pressure for another period of time. After exposing the wood planks to pressure and chemical curing for a prescribed length of time the air is removed out. The planks are removed from the cylinder once this process is finished. Then the timber, thus treated, are dried under controlled atmosphere and temperature in a closed room. This process improves the strength of the timber and makes it termite, borer and insect resistant. It will make the timber fungus resistant too. It imparts excellent shape to the timber and reduces shrinkages to its minimum, the joints will remain intact. The firmness of the timber planks is also improved by this treatment.

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